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oi de portugal

From historical villages to cobblestone-covered cities to scenic beaches covering the entire coast, Portugal is an idyllic treat. And speaking of treats, the impressive dining scene alone makes the country a prime destination. If you’re looking where to next jet set, head to the place where golden-hour is a day long phenomenon.



Choose an area where the action is happening, like Principe Real or just outside the tourist crowds behind Chiado inside its small pockets.

Memmo Principe Real.

Hotel Verride Palacio De Santa Catarina.

Wining and Dining

Get ready to feel uncomfortably, yet pleasantly full. While the secret to life is known to be butter, the secret to Portugal’s tasty dining scene is as simple as fresh, quality ingredients. Afterall, there’s no need to overcomplicate a good fish.


Sole e Pesca. Tin canned seafood, which is very popular. You’re a hater if you decline without giving it a taste. It’s incredible.

Cervejaria Ramiro. Probably the seafood restaurant you’ll find on everyone’s list.

Bairro do Avillez. Chef Jose Avillez is the country’s most famous chef. Built to look like a Portuguese neighborhood, the space has four very different restaurants under one roof.


Belcanto. 2*, Chef Jose Avillez.

Cantinho do Avillez. Chef Jose Avillez, fine dining in a trendy ambience.

A Travessa. Gorgeous terrace, chef chooses an array of apps for the table, you choose main and dessert.

Sea Me. A Portuguese take on sushi, but fresh seafood is also available. Pro tip: sardine nigiri.

Pharmacia. Modeled to match the theme of the health and pharmacy museum next door. The details are super fun.

To Do

Surfing. Arrange to go with a surf school and spend the morning riding (being knocked down by) the waves.

Sintra and Cascais. Day trip. Sintra has Moorish castles and beautiful gardens. Pop into Cascais at the end to checkout this small beach town.



InterContinental. Former palace recently renovated, very central, one of the best ICs I’ve stayed at.

The Yeatman. Not central, but upscale.

Wining and Dining


Restaurant Terreiro. Beautiful view, unbelievably fresh seafood. This tiny lunch spot absolutely cannot be missed. All of your senses will thank you.

Trasca. Casual, cute, tasty, inexpensive.


Mistu. Fusion food served in a hip ambience.

Flow. Same owner and style as above.

To Do

Port tasting, of course! At:

Ramos Pinto




Pro tip: J.K. Rowling was majorly inspired by Porto, which is evidenced in the series. Checkout Livraria Lello, one of the most beautiful book stores in the world, which inspired the iconic moving staircases.


Also known as Portuguese wine country. Unlike anywhere else, grapes grow on hills instead of flatland, creating an absolutely picturesque scene.


Six Senses. Ultra-luxe, and dare I go as far as claiming it to be a top five hotel in my book? Definitely. The only problem is, it’s hard to motivate yourself to leave the grounds and go visit the wineries in the area. For that reason, plan enough days to spend a substantial amount of time at the property to get your fix, so that you eventually tear yourself away from the pool views and see everything the region has to offer. And trust, it has a lot to enjoy.

Farmhouse. If you’re looking for something quainter and lowkey, this boutique hotel is charmingly perfect with just nine rooms, literal farm-to-table dining, and a delicious winery on site—Quinta de São Bernardo.


Here’s the thing. It’s hard to go wrong. But, these are some well-known wineries:

Quinta do Infantado

Quinta Vale D. Maria

Quinta do Romeu

Quinta do Zimbro

Modern ‘famous’ estates—

Quinta do Crasto, Romaneira, Poeira

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