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croatian vacation

If it meets Cerci’s standards, than it’ll probably surpass everyone else’s. This ancient land on the Adriatic Sea may have recently garnered attention due to it being the location of King’s Landing, but it’s much more than the home of the Iron Throne. Croatia is a fabulous mix of historic ruins, natural wonders, and even a splash of modernity. Whether you’re looking to spend your time boating around the Dalmation Islands or dancing your way through Ultra Music Festival or Yacht Week, you’ll find whatever you’re looking for.

Bonus: I like to order wine from the local region when traveling to grow my inner sommelier. To my delight (and astonishment) Croatian wine was really good!


Old Town’s idyllic architecture carved out of light stone is so picturesque, it feels like you’re on a movie set. While the city’s most famous attraction is Diocletian’s Palace, simply wandering around the promenade or near the port is a lovely way to spend the day.


Mazzgoon, Diocletian’s Wine House, Uje Oil Bar

Dalmation Islands

Accessible by ferry, cruise, or private boat. All are synonymous with SO CUTE.


Europe’s sunniest island, no wonder it’s also a mega party island.

Stari Grad

Northern side of Hvar. Tiny and agonizingly adorable.


There’s strip of restaurants overlooking the water, and alleyways lined with homey eateries. Basically, you can’t go wrong. However, Filippi is one spot I’d like to call out for an amazing experience.


Though known for its national park, I’d rather focus on the fantastic array of restaurants that line the port. As goes with almost any island, the fish is beyond fresh...but, I’d like to draw your attention to the insanely fresh sardines I had here because I’m still dreaming about them. What I’m saying is, if you travel to Croatia just to eat a few sardines in Mljet, you’re doing it right.


In the Game of Thrones, you either win or you die. But if you made it to Dubrovnik, then you’ve automatically won at life. This is the country’s most sought out tourist destination. Though I’m more of a Split fan myself, there’s no denying how cool Old Town is, surrounded by a massive stone wall fortress that dates back to the 16th century. Be sure to take in its limestone streets and baroque buildings.

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