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catch me if you cannes

Sandy beaches, luxe shopping, fabulous restaurants. The recipe for a dream world, better known as the French Riviera.


Making Cannes your home base is ideal. In addition to being both lovely and lively, it's center to many of the towns worth seeing in the French Riviera. As long as you choose a hotel on La Croisette, you can't go wrong.


Bars and lunch spots are on every corner, spread throughout the towns. It’s easy to walk and enter wherever you deem loveliest, but these particular dinner spots shouldn’t be missed:


La Petite Maison (sceney, fun vibe); La Réserve (go before or during the sunset); Movida (casual rest that’s always popping, turns into a lounge with a dj at night); Le Plongeoir (VIEWS!)


Le Maschou; Da Bouttau; Pastis; Bobo; La Môme; La Palme d’Or, La Guérite

All of the restaurants on the beach down La Croisette are très magnifique for wine and lunch.

St. Paul de Vence

La Colombe d'Or; a truly divine experience in a spectacular setting. The hotel that houses the restaurant is worth coming back to for a stay.

St. Tropez

La Petite Plage, La Girelier, Le Club 55


Bacon (Michelin-starred)


Hotel du Cap: 30 minutes from Cannes by car. Such a gorgeous hotel, but inconveniently located on its lonesome, equidistant from Cannes and Antibes. There’s nowhere to go if you leave its enchanted premises unless you order an Uber. For this reason, it’s fun to visit for a long lunch overlooking the famous pool.

St. Paul de Vence: 40 minutes from Cannes by car. Known to be one of the most beautiful villages in the French Riviera. It’s also been home to some of the most iconic artists of the 20th century, who were probably attracted by its unique charm.

Antibes: 30 minutes from Cannes by car. It’s not as lively or posh as Cannes, so in my opinion, it’s just right for a few hours. However, the streets are arguably more attractive than its neighbors’ with pastel colors, blooming flowers, and cobblestone.

St. Tropez: Take a 40-minute ferry from Cannes into this colorful, glamorous town. I like St. Tropez just as much as Cannes—if not more—, but it's not central in the Riviera. It would be great to stay here for a few days if you aren't planning on many day trips, as it's always a scene and a party is never far away.

Monaco: 1 hour from Cannes by Car. Another town that's dripping in opulence and splendor. It's the kind of place that motivates you to work harder, just so you could come back to this playground of wealth. Like St. Tropez, it's a great place to stay for a few days if you'd rather park yourself somewhere than day trip.

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