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in the nation's capital

When you haven’t visited our nation’s capital since you were in 8th grade, expect your first time back to be filled with countless monuments to really important people, numerous museums filled with people that have accomplished really important things, and seriously sore legs due to the fact that you’re running between all of these REALLY IMPORTANT sights.

In other words, it’s so hard to find time for a few glasses of wine when you only have two days to see as much as you can!!!!

Lucky for you, I’ve prioritized the must-sees:

Do all of the memorials. They’re right next to each other, so you might as well. It’s easy to walk between them, though it’s no short stroll—the perfect excuse for a midday scoop of gelato.

Check out the government buildings. The architecture is lovely, and the interiors are beautiful. Begin at The Jefferson Library, which isn’t only gorgeous inside, but also has an excellent exhibition called “Drawing Justice”. It displays courtroom illustrations created during many high-profile trials, from assassinations to celebrity cases. After seeing the Supreme Court next door, take a tour inside of the Capital Building. The main dome is superbly designed, housing some great American art.

The museums are all free and all near each other, so you can pop into whatever you feel like. There are an overwhelming amount of museums, so pick and choose wisely. I’d personally go with…

The National Gallery of Art is a must for fine art lovers. It has a good collection of American and European painters.

The American Art Museum has an awesome section called National Portrait Gallery. On display are paintings of celebrated Americans, along with their achievements. Hirshorn Contemporary is also inside the same building—it’s modern and quick.

The Holocaust museum is extremely emotional, and very well done. You’ll leave in tears.

The Newseum is really cool and totally unique. It’s exactly what it sounds like—a museum about news.

Restaurants: Baked & Wired (breakfast), Maketto (lunch), Le Diplomate, Rose’s Luxury, The Rigsby, Plume (dinner), Kinship (dinner), Colada Shop (drinks)

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