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à montréal

Wine. Food. Franglais. Montreal in a few words. The city’s culture is centered around chic lounges, interior design-inspiring restaurants, and of course, the mix between American/Canadian and French. Though you might not realize it from the outside, the streets are full of one beautiful café after another. I covered a good amount of the city in just a few days, yet my list of where to drink and eat at is endless. Montreal: where foodies rejoice.

The town itself is spread out. It could take up to fifteen minutes to drive from one neighborhood to another—a con on my list. However, when you arrive at your destination all is forgiven. The charming settings are worth the wait. Old Montreal is delightful to walk around because of its quaint cobblestone streets and European flare. Aside from that, you may need to call an Uber—I did, as I was unlucky to arrive during a stint of numbingly cold weather. As the temperature increases, the city becomes more walkable and the many parks, like Mount Royal, become accessible.

To eat: La Finca (coffee/breakfast), Le Butterblume (coffee/brunch), Tommy (coffee/breakfast/lunch/pastries), Mandy’s (lunch), Le Vin Papillon (dinner/drinks), Nora Gray (dinner), Balsam Inn (dinner), Flyjin (dinner).

To drink: Le Mal Nécessaire, Philémon Bar, Loïc (wine bar), Magdalena (wine bar), Buvette chez Simone (wine bar), Coldroom (speakeasy).



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