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Zurich is an adorable little town. On the surface, the beautiful architecture of the city appears to be cute, quiet and delicate. Yet after dwelling further in, I uncovered an edgy scene that made me want to continue my exploration.

While lovely and charming, the city itself doesn’t have many sightseeing spots or activities. The best way to spend time in Zurich is to stroll through the town, altering between coffee shops and Sprüngli—for mini macarons known as Luxemburgerli. The city is also home to the very impressive Kunsthaus Museum. It boasts stunning works of art, all from Monet to Munch to Warhol. Nearby, you can climb the (many) steps of the Grossmünster Church for breathtaking views.

Where to wine and dine in this area: Kronenhalle (very upscale with actual Picasso and Chagall paintings); Cabaret Voltaire (the café where Dadaism began!).

Heading beyond the city center towards the industrial area is where you’ll find the young and trendy crowd. Start by checking out the galleries in Migros Museum, where there’s a mix of interesting modern art and pieces that make you question why they’re considered as art. After working up an appetite, walk over to Markthalle im Viadukt—one of the most unique places in the city. The biggest building is host to a market in which the food looks so damn good, you’ll want to buy from every vendor. The remaining buildings are smaller and separate, numbered one to fifty. All of these fifty spaces are different from one another, ranging from stores dedicated to vintage speakers, to rooms offering group dance lessons. Another close spot to check out is Frau Gerold’s Garten, a culmination of hip stores, a fresh restaurant, drink areas, and art.

Where to wine and dine in this area: Les Halles (lunch spot with eclectic/hipster decor); Brisket (popular lunch spot), Co Chin Chin (casual Vietnamese food), Josef (chic ambience for dinner); Zum Gaul (cool/casual food and drinks); Hotel Rivington & Sons (bar on ground floor of Prime Tower).

Cabaret Voltaire

Les Halles

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