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hair secrets

Since I like to keep my hair super long, I need to make sure it stays healthy and nourished—especially during the dry winter weather. That’s where the 24 Carats Ritual treatment from George the Salon comes in. Using Kérastase products, the luxury experience left me with extra silky, soft, and shiny hair. Plus, it was incredibly relaxing. My head loves being massaged—shoutout to my stylist Kelsey Triebes! The three steps to the ritual are:

1. In-depth cleanse with Elixir Ultime oil and application of Elixir Ultime shampoo.

2. Fiber-deep Fusio-dose treatmeant, with oil masque and Elixir Ultime original oil.

3. Application of Elixir Ultime oil that’s specific to the hair. I chose volume and anti-frizz.

And voilà. I touched my hair so much afterwards, it looked like I had a nervous twitch.

The 24 Carats Ritual is $50, and with blowout it’s $110.


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