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italian riviera, part 2

San Remo is very nice, but it’s not as upscale as the Italian Riviera towns we headed to next. We stayed in Rapallo at the Excelsior Palace Hotel. It was majestic. The hotel’s beach club has an amazing infinity pool right over the ocean. The lounge chairs are spread out across the cliff that’s bordering the water—similar to the unique style of the Hotel du Cap in the French Riviera. It’s the place to sit on your butt for a week straight, excluding an occasional swim. We visited the little village of Comogli, and hiked across all the five lands of Cinque Terre. Warning: this is legitimately a hike. I dressed all cute, thinking it would be a breezy walk. No. It’s a three-hour hike up, down, and through cliffs and hundreds of stairs. But, it’s certainly rewarding in that you don’t even feel guilty taking down an entire pizza and bottle of rosé by yourself after.

Excelsior Palace Hotel:

I can’t find my Indah bathing suit in stock anywhere—this is the closest cut I saw:


Vernazza; one of five villages in Cinque Terre:

The most fabulous of the Italian Riviera was next door to us—Portofino and Santa Margherita. Portofino is beyond, surrounded by enormous yachts and a designer clad crowd. It’s quite small, but a perfect escape for lunch, gelato, and dinner. Santa Margherita is picturesque, lively, and also has a posh crowd. It’s bigger and more fun than Portofino—if you’re looking for a night out in the Riviera, you can find it in Santa Margherita.

Chanel Bag


This dress is nowhere to be found—I bought it a while ago, and recently discovered it again. Here are some dresses that fall into its flowy, off-the-shoulders, patterned category:

Santa Margherita:

Robert Clergerie Platforms (Above)

Chanel Bag

Pic below is from my quick stop in Munich on the way back.

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