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munich + st. moritz

My family takes an annual ski trip during the holidays, and it’s my favorite time of the year. This year, we flew into Munich for a few days and then went on to St. Moritz.

I had only been to Munich once before for Oktoberfest. I saw more beer than anything else at that time, so I was ready to fully take the city in. Other than the fact that my boyfriend’s luggage was lost for two days, Munich did not disappoint. It’s a city filled with impressive museums—and quite a variety. Residenz, a former royal palace of Bavarian monarchs, is beautiful. The ornate decorations are gorgeous. They also provide some serious home inspiration and general #goals. After a full tour of the palace—and possibly what my future home will look like—the Lenbachhaus was next. I’m lucky to have been in Munich for the Klee and Kandisnky exhibit that was taking place inside. Because I had just a few days in the city, I only visited those couple museums. I’d like to have added Pinakothek to my list, as it has both old masters and modern collections.

I find the best part of travelling to be simply walking through different neighborhoods and getting lost in streets outside of the town center. Only this way can you really get to know a new place—so, that’s exactly what I did with the remaining time I had in Munich. I stumbled across many little gems, pics below.

St. Moritz was the part I was most excited about. I’d been before and already knew how much I love it. And I mean love. Of course, the skiing is ideal. But, what’s even more ideal is the après ski. The beautiful people, charming bars and cafés, posh shops, deeeeeelicious restaurants put this town on a level of its own. Even the bars and restaurants on the mountain are swanky. I’ve never seen more toddlers dressed in Moncler anywhere else. Yes, a bit absurd, but quite the experience. While you can’t go wrong anywhere, a few places of note are Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, Kempinski Hotel, Pavarotti Wine bar (last pic), and Talvo for din.

The one downer was that my mama broke her knee. I know that sounds awful, and it really is, but the hospital in St. Moritz—Klinik Gut—is chic. It’s a boutique care center in the style of a ski chalet where they serve champagne with breakfast. America has a thing or two to learn from this place.

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