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It’s sad to think that we don’t have too many summer days left as August is coming to an end. But in all honesty, I am so ready to bust out my fall wardrobe. I’m craving a seasonal outfit change.

I will absolutely regret writing the above in a few months when my nose falls off due to cold Chicago temps.

Well, no need to think about chillier times just yet! I’m currently spending the majority of my time in swimsuits and minimal clothing. For me, this has definitely been the summer of the one piece. Growing up, I thought onesies were for gmas—I now stand corrected. Although seemingly offering more coverage, they don’t actually do that much additional covering. Worn well, they’re extremely flattering.

This suit is amazing. I mean, you’re telling the world that both you and your bathing suit are tens. It’s hilarious. Own it. As for my opinion on hats, buy as many as possible and wear them all the time.

Stampd 10/10 One Piece

High Waisted Denim Shorts

Bristol Hat

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