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sweater weather in june

IMG_5169 (1).png

It’s June 1st. Why am I wearing sweaters? I’m not happy about this gross “summer” weather. Just when I thought it was going to be all sunshine, shorts, and bikinis, this gloomy cold disturbs my wishful thinking. I mean, if it’s going to be this chilly, can we at least get some consistent sunshine? That’s probably too much to ask of Chicago’s weather.

Moving on. I chose a more summery sweater to pair with my flare jeans. It is really cute, so it wasn’t all bad pulling it out of the closet. It’s very warm, but the open crochet-esque weave and light color allow it to be seasonally versatile. Bell-bottoms are always a fabulous choice, no matter the weather. Not to mention, I adore wearing crochet and flare together.

I love to layer necklaces. The suede string choker is my current go-to; it goes with almost anything, adding the perfect finishing touch. I like mixing it with a simple gold piece. Both items are easy staples to match with plenty. Thin, wired sunnies are the best choice for this outfit. While sunnies are a necessity, they’re also an accessory. Stock up—one style will not go with everything in your wardrobe.

IMG_5164 (2).png
IMG_5167 (1)_edited.png

Sanctuary Beach Sweater

Dress Gallery Spring Sweater

Lovers + Friends Vanilla Sky Sweater

Weekday Fine Knitted Sweater

Free People Hi Rise 5 Pocket Flare

J Brand 802 Demi Flare

A Gold E Madison Distressed Flare

Vanessa Mooney Suede Choker

Bagatiba Gold Choker

Anaya Collar Necklace

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