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an extra long weekend

This long weekend felt extra long. I had originally planned to rest and relax—that absolutely did not happen. One night, my girlfriends and I danced so hard that a friend of mine actually got sick. Literally sick, then and there. Needless to say, I’m feeling pretty deds today. I also feel the need to mention that I had the best grilled cheese of my life Saturday night at Celeste in River North. Avocado grilled cheese. Mouth watering.

In other news, Chicago decided to be warm and sunny over the weekend! The weather was so lovely that I was able to go down to the beach to shoot this look. I’m completely, utterly, ridiculously, totally obsessed with my watercolor Valentino backpack. I love it with my denim dress and pearly white sneakers. Additionally, I have a slight obsession with head accessories, so I paired this cute gray head wrap with my outfit.

I looked everywhere online for the backpack, but it seems to be sold out. The closest item is this bag, the mini version of mine:

Valentino Watercolor Mini Rockstud Backpack

Another colorful mini bag:

Valentino Rainbow Mini Rockstud Backpack

These bags are the same size as mine, but colored differently:

Valentino Black Rockstud Medium Backpack

Metallic Rockstud Medium Backpack

Valentino Psychedelic Camo Nylon Backpack

White Jeffrey Campbell Sneakers

White Common Projects

White Logo-Stamped Adidas Sneakers

White No Name Platform Sneakers

Jean Spirit Denim Top

Wire Wrap Head Piece

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