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speck of bling


These are my current jewelry favorites. My choker is from Top Shop as is my layered gold necklace. My rings are all from Catbird—shout out to my boyfriend for picking up on all the hints I drop around gift ideas.

The 90s are back and I’m not mad about it. It’s important to find the right choker, as it goes for any item really, or else you risk looking like you’re being suffocated by a cheap piece of plastic. Not very cute. I like to have fun with layering. I paired my choker with a simple necklace here, but I fully support adding a bit extra as long as you don’t go overboard. It also depends how detailed the rest of your outfit is. My gray All Saints Tee is très simple, so it definitely needs dressing up!

I never take off my Catbird rings. They’re tiny, so I don’t even realize that my fingers have anything on them. They are the perfect speck of bling for everyday and every outfit.

Everything Catbird is delicate and adorable, but their rings are my favorite pieces. They also look amazing stacked! I just have one mini stack of two rings, the “n” and the heart, but adding another ring to the stack would look great. Throwing in a midi on a finger or two looks amazing as well. The rings are simple and dainty, so it won’t look overdone.


Choker (sold out): Similar Here

Layered necklace (sold out): Similar Here

Catbird Dark & Stormy Star Ring

Catbird Little Boo Ring: Available As Midi

Catbird Alphabet Rings

All Saints Ines Tee

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