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the winter babe

There are two brands I’ve been obsessed with lately: Wildfox and For Love and Lemons Skivvies. Why you ask? Probably because it’s freezing and I’m feeling pretty lazy. I’ve been enjoying snuggling on the couch in comfy (but still cute!) clothes and binge watching Scandal. After four episodes, I fell down the black hole of addiction.

Chicago winters are brutal. Many Chicagoans choose to hibernate rather than deal with wind so cold that our bones feel it. Can you blame us? To many, this means drowning in enormous old sweats. But when I feel like a mess, I don’t feel my best! That’s where Wildfox and Skivvies come in. These brands’ pieces are comfy enough to lounge in all day, but you still feel and look like a babe.

Wildfox jammies are so soft I never want to take them off. Over the years, my mother has drilled in me that my feet must be bundled when it’s cold or I’ll likely catch pneumonia. To avoid any diseases, I put on knee-high socks. Not only are my feet warm, but it’s winter, so chances are your legs aren’t always…groomed. Well, knee-highs are the perfect cover! If I’m still chilly, I throw on an oversized Wildfox tee or sweater. And then my binge watching can commence.

Wildfox tees and sweaters are also perfect for the morning after drinking too much champagne or for wearing during a flight. You're comfortable, look good enough to leave the house, and don’t have to put much effort into getting ready.

If I feel like looking a little girlier, I like to slip into some slinky Skivvies. They’re absolutely precious. Skivvies are perfect underneath oversized tees or sweaters. A loose top allows them to peek through enough to be noticeable, but not so much that you’re just wearing lingerie. Balance really is everything.

I’m a firm believer that the right shoes can dress up any look. If you decide to brave the cold, a sexy Skivvies bra under a large top will look adorable—just make sure to step into a gorgeous pair of booties!

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