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quand en france

Bonjour. I’m back in the States. I really don’t think my belly could handle anymore ile flottantes. I could, however, handle more of that délicieux French wine.

I stayed at Jules et Jim, a trendy boutique hotel in the Marais, which really is the best area to be. As I’ve been to Paris several times prior to this, my schedule lacked typical tourist destinations and was instead filled with getting lost in charming Parisian streets with my boyfriend. I can’t go without visiting l’Orangerie, however, because Monet’s Les Nymphéas are my absolute favorite. I ran through some severe rain to get inside, but these gigantic paintings of impressionistic water lilies are captivating, mesmerizing, breathtaking, and anything else synonymous. So, I guess what I’m trying to say is that they’re okay.

Other highlights of Paris include every single thing I ate. Literally. I’ll save you the time of having to read a menu if you’re in Paris anytime soon, by instructing you to always choose foie gras followed by duck. And then the entire dessert menu. And yes, this goes for any restaurant you dine in. You’re welcome!

Especially delicious noms can be found at Pétrelle and Au Petite Fer à Cheval. Pétrelle’s interior is elegant, upscale, and decorated. Au Petite Fer à Cheval is tiny, simple, and buzzing. Both are magnifique… très très cool et très très chic. If you’re looking to grab drinks, definitely head to Candelaria. When you walk into the tiny white room, the last thing you expect is the hip bar behind it serving sexy tequila based drinks.

Mègeve was a French winter wonderland. It looked like it came out of a story-book with its cobblestone streets, horse drawn carriages, colorful lights, and beautiful people. The only issue was that I was there to ski and there was a snow shortage—fixed by a thirty-minute car ride to more elevated slopes. I stayed at the Alpaga, a stylish chalet style resort, with beds so comfortable I was asleep by 10:30 almost every night. It’s a tiny ski town, so almost every restaurant is a scrumptious hot spot, but my favorite dinner was at Le Refuge. I’m salivating thinking about it. Ew, kidding I’m not…Yes I am.

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