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In two days I leave for my annual (fabulous) family winter vacation. This year’s destinations include Paris and skiing hotspot Mègeve. Wish I was leaving today, it’s boring and gray in Chicago right now.

Actually, I take that back because I am nowhere near ready as I haven’t even opened my suitcase. That being said, it’s only fitting I go over my travel dos and don’ts.

In my younger years (because 22 is super old, I know), I would pack a variety of outfits, shoes, and jewelry, assuming it would somehow look good together. I have learned from my former inexperienced self that this is a terrible idea. It causes over packing and excessive stress. I now approach packing in a very organized fashion, making sure to try on full outfits —yes, this includes jewelry—to confirm I do not look like a blind clown. I even match the type of panty that looks best under each outfit. I’m efficient. Or maybe I have OCD. Whatever gets the job done.

For winter vacations, because the clothes are so damn puffy, I like to bring two suitcases and a carry on. I also require this much space because I need one winter coat, one skiing coat, one fur coat, and one semi-warm coat*. It gets tricky when activities and temperatures differ between destinations, and Paris is going to be a lot warmer than Mègeve according to, who I trust completely. I’m extremely paranoid of not being properly prepared.

I find that bringing a big purse on the plane is important because you're going to stuff it with a lot of “who knows what I'll need during my 10 hour flight” kind of things. I plan on using my Stella McCartney foldover tote. I pack it with a Kindle, an iPad, headphones, sunnies, essentials (travel documents, wallet, passport, etc.), lip balm, lotion, and deodorant. You do not want to get off the plane with cracked lips, dry skin, and smelly pits. Not cute.

Choice of outfit is based on “I’ve got some sick style, but I need to not want to kill myself on a ten hour flight”. Joggers paired with a plain tee are perfect for achieving this look. Platform booties are comfy and dress up this very casual attire. I’m also a huge hat person. It being winter, either a floppy wool hat or cashmere beanie can complete the outfit. I’m going with a beanie. Wear your biggest coat—that still matches, of course—to free up some room in your luggage.

And voilà, we’re ready!

My general rule of thumb is that upon arriving at the airport, the vacation is in full swing. This means you can eat and drink (almost) however much you want until arriving back at your home airport. What this really means is that I can have as much wine as I want and not feel guilty. Au revoir.

*I’m a little insane and shouldn’t pack so many items.

Stella McCartney Tote

ASOS Lightweight Joggers

All Saints Ines Tee

Hackney Lace Up Boots

Floppy Hat

N. Peal Cashmere Beanie (sold out): Similar Here

Moncler Winter Jacket (sold out): Similar Here

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